Air ConditioningWill Air Conditioning Remove Humidity?

Having air conditioning is a great thing. Even when you live in an area like Bremerton, Bainbridge Island, or Gig Harbor where the summers are milder than a lot of areas, it can still get hot and uncomfortable. One key reason for this is humidity, so keeping humidity out of your home can go a long way in keeping you comfortable. But what’s the best way to do that? Do you need to buy a dehumidifier, or can your air conditioning unit do the job? You’ll be happy to know that in most cases, your AC can be enough to remove moisture from your home.

How Do AC Units Get Rid of Humidity?

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When you get an AC unit from Sullivan Heating & Cooling, you’ll be getting more than just a system that blows cool air. Most people think that’s how air conditioning works, but that’s not really the case. An AC unit does blow cold air, but it also removes heat and humidity. This is important when it comes to cooling your home since it speeds up the process. Even in milder climates, it can get hot, humid, and stuffy in a home or a business if there’s no air conditioning.

Refrigerant is the Key to a Comfortable Home

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The key to getting humidity out of your house lies in the refrigerant in your air conditioning system. The refrigerant absorbs heat. Air conditioners are equipped with a pan, which pulls humidity out of the heated air and turns it into water. After that, the water drains out instead of remaining in the house where it could create discomfort. This happens each time your air conditioner runs, helping lower the humidity levels in your home. If your home is cool but still feels clammy, your AC unit may need to be looked at to figure out why humidity isn’t leaving your home the way it should.

There’s no doubt air conditioning is a great thing for keeping a comfortable home. If you need AC installation or maintenance, reach out to us at Sullivan Heating & Cooling today. We know what it’s like to go through a Bremerton area summer without air conditioning. Let us help you get that humidity out of your home so you can be comfortable all year long. Call Sullivan Heating & Cooling at (360) 405-0723 or fill out a form to be contacted! 


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