Air ConditioningHow To Reduce Energy Costs

Have your energy costs skyrocketed as you attempt to cool your home? Your AC unit is likely to become less efficient over time, especially without regular maintenance. With proper maintenance, AC units can work well for up to 20 years. The size of the unit is also something to consider. If your unit is too large, it may increase energy costs and work for a shorter period than it should. The experts at Sullivan Heating & Cooling is here to help you find ways to cut down on energy costs, especially during the hot summer months! 

Ways to Reduce Energy Costs Include: 

Reduce Energy Costs

  1. Considering a replacement
  2. Changing your thermostat settings
  3. Reduce heat build-up
  4. Insulate to keep cool air in
  5. Check your ducts & filter

1. Consider a Replacement

If your AC unit is over 20 years old, it may be time for a replacement. There are many reasons why you should update your AC if you’re using an older system. Have you noticed that your AC is not cooling your house properly or evenly? Does your home feel humid? If the airflow is obstructed, it may be due to an old system. Are you hearing weird noises or are you needing to call your technician to fix your problems often? Again, it may be time to upgrade. If you’re not due for a replacement, it’s ideal that you’re using a high-efficiency system that has an Energy Star rating. This can reduce your energy costs by up to 20%. An AC unit that has been maintained throughout the years can continue to work well with preventative maintenance. If you’re unsure, call (360) 405-0723 to speak to an HVAC expert! 

2. Thermostat Settings

thermostat on wall

Don’t waste energy by blasting your AC. Simply set the thermostat to a temperature that is comfortable. Many homeowners are turning to smart thermostats to regulate the air conditioning and heating in their homes. It comes in handy to make sure that AC is running when you’ve scheduled it to run and its off when you don’t need it to be running. 

3. Reduce Heat Buildup

If you allow too much heat inside your home, it forces your AC to work harder. All that hard work will then drive up your energy costs. You can reduce heat buildup by keeping the curtains closed and avoiding the use of heat-producing appliances when it’s hot outside.

4. Insulate to Keep the Cool Air In

Air can leak from holes and crevices of your home which means your AC will be working harder to keep the air regulated and circulating your home. If your AC has to work harder, it can cause an unexpected rise in your energy bills. Insulation isn’t only helpful in the summer when you want to keep your home cool, it helps keeping the heat in during the cold, winter months too. Make sure your home is well insulated to keep your energy costs as expected!

5. Check Your Ducts and Filters

Dirty Air Filter

Your ducts are responsible for transporting cold air around your home. If you have leaks in your ductwork, your energy costs are sure to rise. A duct leak reduces your systems’ ability to distribute air and cooling evenly throughout the home, so your AC system will work harder and distribute more air. That means a harder working unit and more energy costs. If your air filter is dirty, debris will build up and restrict the air flow in your ducts, causing your AC to work harder to distribute the cooling and can even hurt your AC system! Make sure your filters are changed by yourself or a professional every year! If you want to learn more about how to check your AC filter, check out this article below!

Has Your AC Filter Been Checked Yet?

Looking for Regular AC Maintenance?

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