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Sometimes things go wrong. And when something goes wrong with your air conditioner, it can be an uncomfortable problem. Your home may start to feel more like a desert and you also may find that your energy costs are skyrocketing even though your house is not cool.

A broken air conditioner is a bummer and could leave you in need of AC repairs. There are several reasons your air conditioner may not be working, and we have listed those below.

Issues that could leave you in need of AC repairs

There are various reasons why your air conditioning in Bremerton, WA might not be working the way it should:

Problem 1: Low Cooling Output

If your air conditioner is not adequately cooling, there are several possible reasons:

  • Refrigerant leaks: A refrigerant leak can cause a bunch of problems, including low cooling output. Refrigerant transfers heat from inside your home to outside, so without it, your cooling output will decline.
  • Overheating components: If a component such as a fan motor is overheating, it will hurt your system’s ability to cool. The broken component will generate heat, which can find its way into your indoor air and lower your system’s efficiency.
  • Leaky ductwork: Leaky ductwork allows cool air to escape before it even reaches its destination. In fact, leaky ducts can cause 30% of cool air to escape.
  • Dirt and debris: If your ductwork is clogged with dirt and debris, cool air will struggle to pass through. This leads to ineffective cooling and a house that’s too hot.

Problem 2: Short Cycling

Short cycling is when your air conditioner keeps turning on and off without ever completing a full cooling cycle. Short cycling is inefficient and makes your system work harder, so it’s important to schedule your AC repairs ASAP if your system keeps turning on and off. There are several possible causes for a system that’s short cycling:

  • Dirty filter: If you have a dirty filter in your forced-air HVAC system, it can obstruct the airflow so much that the system overheats and shuts down. Fortunately, this issue is simple to prevent yourself. Make sure to replace the filter every 1-3 months during the summer to keep the system from short cycling.
  • Faulty capacitor: Air conditioners use start and run capacitors to stay charged. If the capacitor is faulty, the system can’t keep running as it should.
  • Refrigerant leaks: As we covered above, your air conditioner depends on refrigerant to transfer heat from one place to another. A refrigerant leak could cause your system to overheat and shut down. If you notice your system short cycling, it could be an early warning sign that your system is low on refrigerant.

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