FurnacesWhat To Do If My Furnace Keeps Running?


Are you wondering why your furnace keeps running all the time? When winter hits Bremerton and surrounding areas, you can expect your home’s furnace to run quite a bit. But if your furnace keeps running when your home is already warm, there might be a problem. The cause could be one of these issues:

  • Thermostat’s settings or wiring
  • The furnace’s fan limit switch
  • A dirty furnace or air filter

Learn more about why these problems can cause your furnace to keep running even after your home is at a comfortable temperature.

Your Thermostat’s Settings or Wiring

hands using screwdriver to fix thermostat

One of these can be fixed easily, but the other calls for professional help. If your thermostat’s fan is set to “On,” the fan will run all the time, regardless of temperature. You can easily fix this by switching it to “Auto.” If the wiring in your thermostat has shorted out, the thermostat can no longer communicate with your furnace. To fix the issue, a trained HVAC professional can replace the wiring.

Your Furnace’s Fan Limit Switch

The fan limit switch is what tells the blower when to turn on and off. If the switch becomes faulty, it’s not going to automate the process the way it should and could make your furnace keep running. This switch is located just inside the furnace panel, so it’s easy to check.

Dirty Furnace or Air Filter

man holding clean air filter

When your furnace’s air filter becomes full of dust and debris, it can cause the unit to overheat. When this happens, the fan will kick on in an effort to cool it down. To avoid this, replace the filter. If it’s a reusable model, make sure to keep it clean. You can also remove the panel from your furnace and vacuum out the dust.

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