Air ConditioningTop 5 Tips for Solving Uneven Cooling Issues

Are you wondering why some rooms in your home are colder than others? Do you feel cool downstairs while the second floor feels like an oven? If so, you may be dealing with uneven cooling from your A/C system.

Many homes in Western Washington are designed with heating in mind, and sadly air conditioning is often neglected. When the focus is on heating, the open level gets about half the airflow that the main floor does. But since heat rises, this results in even heating on both floors during the winter. Usually if you’re struggling with uneven cooling and heating, it’s due to one of many small issues that can be easily fixed.

Here Are Top 5 Tips For Solving Uneven Cooling

  • Switch The Fan From “Auto” to “On”
  • Use Your Blinds
  • Use Your Air Vents to Control and Redirect Air
  • Control Areas In Your Home With A Zoning System
  • Schedule Seasonal Maintenance – Be Proactive!

Switch The Fan From “Auto” to “On”

Set the fan on your thermostat to “On” rather than “Auto.” The system will constantly circulate the air, which helps to cool down some of the hot spots.

  • When flipped “On”, your system’s fan stays on and circulates air, even after the system cooling cycle ends. This serves to continually circulate the air in your home to help even out temperatures between the first and second floors.
  • When in “Auto” position, the fan runs only when the system is actively cooling the home.

Use Your Blinds

closed brown blinds inside house

Close all blinds on the top floor, and consider using insulated or light-blocking drapes. Blocking the light this way will help keep the temperature down. On the other hand, keep all blinds on the main floor open. This increases heat gain, which causes the air conditioner to have a longer run cycle. The longer the air conditioner runs, the more cool air there will be to travel upstairs.

Use Your Air Vents to Control and Redirect Air

One of the main causes of uneven cooling in homes is blocked vents. Be sure to check for anything blocking these openings, such as dust, debris, or furniture.

If the vents are clean and free from obstructions, you can fix uneven cooling by partially closing some vents on the first floor. This will redirect air to other areas of the house. Do not try fully closing the vents since this could cause a pressure buildup that could break your unit.

Control Areas In Your Home With A Zoning System

A zoning system resolves uneven cooling by allowing you to directly control the temperature in a certain room or area. This is better than attempting to cool your entire house with a single thermostat. Sullivan Heating & Cooling can set up configurations for the zoning system in your home to suit the layout and size of your home.

Schedule Seasonal Maintenance – Be Proactive!

HVAC technician inspecting air conditioner

To ensure peak performance, your HVAC system should be professionally inspected at least twice a year. That way, small problems are found and fixed before they become big, expensive problems. For example, a small leak in your ducts can be caught before it gets bigger and causes uneven cooling in your home.

At Sullivan Heating & Cooling, we recommend scheduling maintenance appointments for your A/C system in the spring and the fall. That way, your system will be in good shape to keep your home comfortable year round!

If you’re fretting about uneven cooling in your home and need a little professional help, click here to contact us or call (360) 405-0723 to speak with one of our HVAC representatives right away! We’re the heating and air conditioning experts for Bremerton and the surrounding areas!


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