Air ConditioningSome Summer Weather Tips

Many of us look forward to warm, sunny summer weather in this part of the country. We may not have coldest winters, but we also don’t always have the most sun to enjoy either. That’s why you want to get out there and enjoy those sunny days while you can!

Of course, you also need to be able to cool your house if you want to enjoy summer to the fullest. We have a few tips to help out. Also, read more here if you’re looking to boost your AC efficiency: Boost Your AC Efficiency This Summer. Remember to contact the Bremerton AC experts on our team if you need any cooling services this season.

Our hot weather tips

  1. Dress appropriately
  2. Eat thoughtfully
  3. Go for a dip!

1. Dress appropriately

tie dye shirt hanging on line

No, we aren’t talking about shorts and tank tops. You should also pay attention to the materials in the clothes you wear in the summer. Look for pure cottons and linens, which will allow your body to breathe. On the other hand, synthetic fibers and materials tend to trap heat in.

2. Eat thoughtfully

close up of sliced fresh fruits

When the summer heat is at its peak, try to be mindful about how you eat. To prevent heating up the house, try throwing something on the grill outside and avoid using the stove or oven. Also, foods rich in protein can weigh you down when it’s hot. Instead, fill up on fresh fruits, veggies, and cold salads to stay more comfortable.

3. For for a dip!

family near swimming pool

When the summer heat is more than you can handle, it’s tempting to sit inside with the air conditioner blasting. Another idea is to take advantage of a public swim area if you want to cool off. You’ll get out of the house, get some exercise, and it’s a ton of fun! 

When you return from swimming, you’ll want your home to be nice and cool. Let Sullivan Heating & Cooling help keep you cool this summer. Contact us for any air conditioning needs.


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