Air ConditioningCommon AC Problems: Blowing Warm Air

When the heat of summer is in full swing, the last thing you want to worry about is your air conditioner blowing warm air. Unfortunately, there’s no guarantee your air conditioner is going to function properly at all times. It’s likely that at some point, you are going to have to schedule service for a malfunctioning or damaged air conditioner. That’s why you should be aware of potential warning signs that your air conditioner in Bremerton, WA is in trouble. Read more here about signs your air conditioner is in trouble: Is Your Air Conditioner Out of Whack?

On the other hand, some air conditioner problems may not be as serious as they appear. If your air conditioner is blowing warm air, it’s not doing its job, but it also doesn’t mean there’s a major problem. There are a couple things you should also check before assuming the worst and scheduling repairs.

It could be your thermostat

hand on thermostat against bright green wall

First, the issue could simply be how you set your thermostat. If your thermostat is set too high, then the air might not be as cool as you want it to be. It’s also possible you accidentally left it in “fan only” mode, so the system is just blowing unconditioned air around.

It could be a circuit breaker

circuit breakers

Another possible cause of a system blowing warm air is a tripped circuit breaker. If the circuit for your outdoor unit is tripped, then the indoor unit will be stuck without any cool air to deliver throughout the house. This is similar to the system being in “fan only” mode, and can be easily fixed by flipping the proper breaker switch.

If there’s no obvious cause for your warm air woes, then it’s time to schedule service with an HVAC expert on our team. There could be a worse issue such as a refrigerant leak or damaged air ducts. Regardless of the problem, Sullivan Heating & Cooling can figure out exactly what is wrong and resolve the problem so you can enjoy your air conditioner blowing cool air again.



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