Know Your HVAC Choices

carrier-repair-dealerKnowing the essentials when shopping for a new HVAC system can save you both time and money. You will have to sort through the many claims made by the various manufacturers and dealers. At Sullivan Heating & Cooling we want you to know we are here to help – and more. If you need Air Conditioner Repair in Poulsbo, WA or are looking to purchase a new system, we have more than 30 years of helping the community work through the needs that go with having a dependable Poulsbo cooling service.

While a new system may not be the first thing on your mind, knowing what is available and what to look for can go a long way in making a decision that can save you potentially hundreds of dollars a year. And the reality is your current system will eventually have to be replaced.

Pulling Back The Reins

Among the common mistakes homeowners make is beginning a search for a new HVAC system because their existing system is getting old. Current advice is if your current system is more than 12 years old you will likely save money in the long haul by purchasing a newer, more energy efficient HVAC system.

But there are other reasons that are red flags about the efficiency of your current system:

  • monthly energy bills rising without any utility rate or tax increase
  • adjusting your thermostat throughout the day to keep the house at a comfortable temperature
  • finding yourself making HVAC service repair calls once too often
  • noticing a general decline in your indoor air quality

Four Basic Types Of Available Systems

carrier-ac-fadThere are only 4 basic choices, though there may be a few more depending on where you live.
A couple of options are not possible for a homeowner, so be sure to check with your professional service technician and find out the entire range of options available to you. The differences in the types of system can potentially save you a hundreds of dollars.

  • package units
  • split systems
  • heat pumps
  • geothermal options

Getting Started

You can work with one of our service technicians to determine whether your best choice is to use our quality Air Conditioner Repair in Poulsbo, WA or take full advantage of the many choices for Poulsbo cooling service. We recommend you start with the basics and then take the time to find the system that is best for you.

Work with a reliable service technicians from Sullivan Heating & Cooling to get the best technical information. They are prepared to answer any questions you may have.