Requiring Extra HVAC Services

carrier-ac-fadMany homeowners discover that the HVAC system that came with their home or their purchase of a new HVAC system for some reason is not creating the best home environment. If you are pone of those people and are looking for Port Ludlow WA Cooling Repair, call Sullivan Heating & Cooling for expert advice and service. As the area’s best source for cooling replacement in Washington, we have a number of solutions that will help identify and solve your home environment problems.

One reason homeowners settle for a less than optimum home environment is because they do not know the options available to them. Our more than 30 years of experience are available for you to use and take your level of home comfort to new highs. Not only will many of our solutions create a better living environment, they can also help save you money on your monthly energy bills.

Accessorizing Your Home The HVAC Way

Your HVAC accessory options are designed to meet your needs. Modern systems are designed to accommodate accessories and fit in with your existing system without requiring any modification. They usually take up only a small amount of space, yet significantly boost the quality of your home’s air.

The main accessories that you can choose from are:

  • humidifier/dehumidifier
  • higher quality air filters
  • smart technology thermostats
  • radon fans

Advantages of Accessories

Every dollar you put into your HVAC system to improve your indoor living environment should be considered an investment. That means the long term return should be measurable. One of our professional service technicians can explain the advantages of each in more detail when they come to visit your home for a consultation.

Here are a few of the basic advantages accessories can bring to your home:


  • adding a humidifier to lower humidity levels can actually allow you to turn up your thermostat during the summer, saving money
  • switching to a higher quality air filter can prevent health problems in the family, potentially saving you money on medical bills
  • the latest smart technology thermostats can be bought for no cost to the homeowner and programmed to better manage your home’s temperature when you are away

Problems such as low humidity can easily be hard to identify, even though you may sense that something is wrong. Indoor air quality tests is available and can help to determine the exact source of the problem.

Begin With A Consultation

Scheduling a consultation is not an accessory! Sullivan Heating & Cooling offers Port Ludlow WA Cooling Repair consultations to all residents. Call Sullivan Heating & Cooling now to get the expert advice you need and start improving the quality of your indoor air today. We are your best source for cooling replacement in Washington and HVAC accessories for your home.