Everything Needs Maintenance

carrier-ac-fadSummer is the time of the year when lawn mowers get pulled out of the garage and cars are brought into the repair shop for maintenance before going on the long road trip. It is clear that everything mechanical needs maintenance to maximize its service life. HVAC systems are no different.

That is why when you need Air Conditioner Repair in Gig Harbor, WA you can call on Sullivan Heating & Cooling to bring with them the experience and knowledge needed to get your system working at its maximum efficiency. We are among the the companies who deliver top HVAC in Gig Harbor. Your HVAC system is capable of going haywire for any number of reasons, which is why we service the major makes and models.

What is Preventive Maintenance?

Preventive maintenance is simply making sure your HVAC system has the best care possible provided by a highly trained professional service technician. There are a number of things you can do yourself to keep your system running efficiently, but the more modern systems require professional services to get the maximum benefit from your modern HVAC system.

But maintenance is not mainly for the newer systems. Older systems are things people can become too comfortable with and they forget they need to be given a checkup once in awhile. That is why whatever make or model of HVAC system you own, a preventive maintenance agreement is a great idea.

A preventive maintenance agreement will:

  • schedule one of our service technicians to periodically give your system a complete checkup
  • during the checkup, they will replace worn out parts before they force you to pick up the phone for a service call
  • clean the parts of your HVAC system that are essential to its operation
  • prepare your stem is for the following season

Preventive Maintenance Can Fix Many Problems

hvacHVAC systems are manufactured to last and operate quietly. But there will be times that it can be heard, and that is the time to begin to search for the cause of the problem. Creating a preventive maintenance agreement will in most cases be able to discover the problem before you have to make that service call.

There are a number of potential trouble makers waiting to stick their heads up:

  • a dirty or clogged air filter will cost you more money because it will reduce the efficiency of your system
  • the condenser is often a common problem area and needs to be checked regularly
  • parts that require lubrication, and if left unchecked can cause mechanical breakdown

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